“No words to describe the hospitality that we received at Silver Oaks Home stay. Its one of the best Home stays i have ever stayted, relished the best coorgi food and really enjoyed the trekking and camp fire, would love to visit the place again with a life partner. Just kidding !.Thanks a lot for the hospitality again to bhaiya and bhabhi. Will remember you guys for the rest of the life”

G. Anil Raj Kumar - IBM, Bangalore

“Beauty, Serenity, Ambience, peace, love, hospitality, comfort, joy, happiness, heavenly, beautiful, nn what not…. We are beyond words to describe the wonderful stay @ “SILVER OAK”. U ROCK!We set out the journey with hopes that we have a lovely weekend… but, it was completely “beyond our EXPECTATIONS!”. We relished over the awesome food, n deserts, we relived every moment of stay over here. The beauty of Coorg,all seen n felt @ this lovely place… The greatest hospitality we ever received!Lives would have been incomplete if it weren’t for the visit to “THE SILVER OAK”.I had the best days of my life over here, will treasure forever!! “

Lots of Love, Shama Ponnappan, - Bangalore

“Thank you for the splendid time we were able to spend in the Coorg .We learned about your culture, your tradition, food, and experienced your warm hospitality. The surroundings area had some great places to visit. Coffee and tea plantations , water falls( very cold shower), The Tibet monastery and the wild life safari.The real highlight at the safari was seeing a tiger. For Canadians to see a tiger in the wild is pretty great. Better luck than we expected. Your cottages are charming, the meals were delicious, the whole setting is very peaceful and homely. Our children loved your Pool.”

Brent and Vicki - Canada

“As we write this, I remember my words, Silveroaks will be just another Home stay that I said to my wife when she proposed that we stay in Silveroaks during our stay in Coorg.I can proudly say that I was wrong! Silveroaks is the best place to stay in Coorg. I got a flavor of this when I first spoke to Bob. His warmth & helpful nature was evident over our telephonic conversation , but I could experience the same when I met him in Madikeri. He is truly a genuine person who believes and follows “ Athithi devo bhava” Rinku, I believe shares Bob’s vision & dreams and together not only they are great couple but very good people at heart and in action. Together with the team of Silveroaks Bob and Rinku made our stay memorable and full of comfort.We are happy that we are leaving Coorg not just with fond memories of Silveroaks but with two great friends who go an extra mile in proving “ a friend in need is a friend in deed”. We will surely come back With love”

Anand and Nivedita - Mumbai

“This was a wonderful trip. You are very gracious host. The set up is wonderful and food was excellent. It was not only tasty but you served it with love .I will recommend it to all my friends. Hope your dreams come true and the business flourishes in the coming days.”

Sameer Podhye - VP Cisco, Bangalore

“We enjoyed our stay at Silveroaks . You have a comfortable and cozy spot. Please thank your staff for their good care and making us feel welcome . We enjoyed the food and the hike up the mountain as well as getting to see the sights .The Dubare elephant camp was great experience. The swimming pool was really well maintained .I will pass on the good note.”

Andy Simkin - US consulate, Chennai

“Thank you very much for your warm welcome to coorg. The place is wonderful and the also the people.The food was very delicious.I had very good time and hope I’ll come back some day with my family.”

Isabell - France

“I really enjoyed your Home stay, the birds in the mornings. The view from the back of my cottage is very beautiful.The delicious , hot food and the very interesting folks! I had a wonderful un forgettable time. Thank you very much”

Gabriela Soto - Costa Rica