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Silveroaks – Resort in Coorg, An Alluring Holiday Destination

Silveroaks Resort is located at Kunda (Near Ponnampet- 30 minutes drive from Nagarahole) in Coorg or Kodagu as the local people call it, 2,800 ft above the sea level and 210 Kms from Bangalore city outskirts, 100 kms from Mysore and about 170 kms from Mangalore

Siliveroaks Resort in Coorg is a unique place surrounded by about 10 hectares Silveroak trees, coffee and spice plantation and overlooked by a large place of “sacred jungle”( devara kaadu) and famous “Kunda hill” at the height of 4500 ft above sea level for the people who love trekking. Silveroaks is for the people who love nature and wanted to explore nature by being part of it.

Mr. Bob ( Sudesh ) who after completeing his MBA in marketing headed back to Coorg to take care of his first love nature. He is part of few NGO’s which is mainly devoted to nature preservation and rainwater harvesting besides developing of tribals. The care is taken to build sillveroaks without cutting single nature tree from the site. The family is known for the warm hospitality and social work in the local community and you will have true experience of being with nature to unwind from your daily busy life.

Coorg is bordered by the legendary river Cauvery. Coorg has its own curious mixture of population, a clan of warriors and tribals. The warrior clan is the Kodavas. Legend says that they are descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great, who invaded India in 327 BC. Coorg Hill station famous for its hosiptality for the guests with variety of accommodations options like Resort in Coorg, Holiday Homes, Lodges and Resorts in levitra pills, hotels in Coorg sorrounded by the beautiful hills and Cofee estate

Facts about Coorg:

1) Coorg is not a town, it’s a big district with more than 20 major towns. Coorg is not a hill station, it is surrounded by the western ghats and most part of the area is plains.

2) Madikeri is not Coorg. It’s the capital town and just like any other towns in Coorg. There are 2 roads towards Madikeri, one is via Kushalnagar and one is via buying sildenafil. Silveroaks is 8 kms from Gonikoppal.

3) The whole Coorg district shares the same weather.

4) The total area of Coorg district is 4,100 sq.kms.

5) All the tourists places are spread in and around Coorg with the distance of 30 to 40 kms radius and need 3 minimum full days to visit all these places.

6) If you seen littering around, you would be taken to task by the locals.

7) Coorgs are raised and taught to respect women. Its a deeply ingrained part of our culture. We expect the tourists to do the same.

8) Many tourists associate Coorg with Alcohol. But make sure to behave properly after the drinks. Arrogance, foul languages are not tolerated. Do not enter the water after consuming alcohol. Don’t brake the empty alcohol bottles on the road.

9) Honk when it is necessary. Keep Honking will leads to altercation.

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